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Writers Corner

Our writers, as you can see below, are everyday people with a love for creative writing.

‘Poet’s corner’ is aired every  Wednesday at 3.25pm, ‘Children’s Corner’ every Friday at 3.25pm and ‘Story at Bedtime’ every Friday at midnight.

If you are a writer of poems, short stories or stories/poems for children and would like HCR to broadcast your work, then please do get in touch with sue.rodwellsmith@hcrfm.co.uk.



Colin Reeves

In the 1990’s, Colin worked as a learning assistant in an infant school where he had the desire to be a children’s author.   He signed up for a correspondence course but while one assignment wasn’t working very well  he attempted to write a story in verse.  Very unfortunately, this was not appreciated by the tutor so Colin left the course but continued to writing.  Over the years Colin had the occasional poem published in Anthologies by Poetry, now in Peterborough. In hindsight, Colin realised that his work was below average but he continued his passion for writing hoping to improve.  In 2012, following the loss of his brother, Colin became a baptised Christian and he now feels he has improved enough to share his poetry with others via Facebook and at his Church.
Encouragement from his niece has spurred him on to find an audience for his poetry and HCR are delighted he has used our platform to air his poems.


Helen O’Mahony

Helen studied social sciences at University in Northern Ireland and went on to be a social worker in London, shortly after graduation. She later changed career, having returned to study pharmacy as a mature student at the Chelsea School of Pharmacy in London. Following graduation she worked as a hospital pharmacist in St Albans, Hemel Hempstead and Hitchin.  Helen moved to Bluntisham, Cambridgeshire in the year 2000, with her husband David, a senior distribution manager in a large insurance company. As a hobby she took up creative writing, attending evening classes at the local college. There she met Joan Tucker, from Needingworth, with whom she set up the Scribblers’ Writing group, in 2011. The Scribblers meet several times a month and are a talented group of people. Their regular activities include fun writing exercises, competitions, poetry, short stories and novel writing, all of which are thriving. Their creativity is fuelled with tea and Joan’s home-made lemon cake. Helen particularly enjoys writing short stories and poetry, finding inspiration from nature, childhood memories and personal experiences.


Jean Fairbairn

Born in Guildford, Surrey, Jean grew up in one of the many commuter-villages in leafy Surrey. Jean had her first short-story, published in 2004 and later won several local poetry competitions. She is a Needingworth Scribbler, a member of the Bridge Poets of St Ives and an associate of the Huntingdon Writers Group. She has just published a book of her own  poems, “The First Fifteen” in conjunction with her editor, Collette Parker of 2020 Communications and is working on “The Second Fifteen.”




Tina Yates

Now in its third season, Tina plays ‘Charlotte’ in HCR’s soap drama ‘Huntsford’. She has spent most of her career, around 34 years, as a research scientist and then as a Government advisor.   Writing poetry has been an outlet with which to express her imagination; the total antithesis to scientific writing. Writing poetry is as individual as a piece of art work and what touches one person won’t interest another. To her, poetry is a way of capturing a thought, or a feeling in a short space, trying to enhance the emotion with the rhythm of the words. If other people can enjoy some of her poems as well, then to her it is a wonderful bonus.