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Meet the Romans Day

14th September 2019 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
St Neots Museum
Liz Davies
07836 744 939


Come and meet the Romans at St Neots Museum on 14th September. The Longthorpe re-enactment legion from Peterborough will be with us, resplendent in replica armour, to talk about what life was like for the soldiers and locals in and around Roman St Neots.

Visit the museum and find out about life in our area almost 2,000 years ago. Try on the armour and discuss the weapons and battle tactics with an expert, discover the work people did, the clothes they wore, the cosmetics they used, what happened if they became sick and their religious beliefs.

Around St Neots the countryside was a patchwork of small farms and growing settlements some of which seem have been home to wealthy Iron Age family groups. The Kimbolton coin hoard, which contains 68 gold coins, minted in the late Iron Age period 50 BC – AD 30 demonstrates the wealth of the an individual or group of people who lived in the Kimbolton area, in the period just before the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43.

The coin hoard will be on display along with our exhibition about the coins and Iron Age Huntingdonshire.

For this special event entry to the museum will be £2.00 for each adult and free for children.

Pop-up café available all day.


St Neots Museum, 8 New Street, St Neots 

Tel: 01480 214163

Open: Tuesday to Saturday 11.00am – 4.00pm

Admission Free to Local Residents

Visitors: Adults £3.00, Seniors £2.00 & Children £1.00