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About Huntsford

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HCR104fm’s re-launched soap drama is set in a small market town called Huntsford in the middle of the English countryside. Huntsford lives in a parallel universe version of our world, which is necessarily fictitious. Whilst Huntsford picks up on themes and issues that have a resonance here today, it simultaneously provides an escape from our here and now.

It is broadcast two days a week with an omnibus edition on Sunday at 3.25pm and airs morning and afternoon at 10.25am and 3.25pm. It aims at the audience listening at that time, and the stories are designed to be recognisable to that demographic. The drama is built by a team of 30 volunteers ranging in age from 20 to 76 from all walks of life. The Huntsford team comprises two recording engineers, a producer/director, four script writers and 22 actors. All are new to both the medium and the genre and have been learning quickly to produce material to the exacting schedule required by a radio soap. Where experience is short, enthusiasm and commitment substitutes. A pop-up studio is erected monthly when eight episodes are recorded. The Green Room next to the studio is always buzzing on recording day. The more experienced, motivate, coach, and encourage the less confident.

Action is based around five businesses, two hair salons, Wavelengths and Trimming World, Carmella’s Cafe, Bob’s Garage and Dave’s Sweet Shop.

Wavelengths joint-owner Raymond Webb tries to attract the upper echelons of society, and golf club membership puts him in the right circles. Fiona Carter brings stability to the ship. Raymond’s daughter Sam is also a stylist and loves Robbie who works for his Dad in the Garage. Raymond does not approve. Charlotte Webb, Raymond’s long-suffering wife, is the Independent Member of Parliament for Huntsford. She raises local issues in Parliament and is a conduit for topical storylines.

Trimming World, run by Alyson and her staff Becky and Laura, are always fighting back against the success of Wavelengths. They are often second best in the contest for new customers but occasionally triumph, as in the bid to win the trade from the construction workers.

Carmella’s café, the centre for all local gossip, is frequented by all the staff at both the hair salons, the garage and the sweet shop. The atmosphere is always buzzing.  Carmella has a son, Mario, who is training to be a stylist at Wavelengths. Mario’s best mate is Ryan.

The Sweet Shop is run by Dave Murdie, in his younger day’s guitarist in a successful rock band. He now relives those times through Mario and Ryan who are trying to start a band.  Dave has a much younger and attractive wife, Chantelle, who wants to open a beauty parlour in Huntsford. After considering Trimming World as a partner, she eventually chooses Wavelengths.

Bob’s Garage is run by Bob Roberts and his son Robbie. Both Bob and Robbie are successful mechanics and the business is doing well, so much so, they need to take on a couple of apprentices.

The first episode begins with the successful election of Charlotte Web as the Independent Member of Parliament, a body is found buried on the building site of the new Huntsford By-Pass and there is gossip around why Fiona left a very successful hair salon in London to come to Huntsford.

What is Fiona’s past? What is the identity of the corpse? Will Trimming World and Wavelengths ever “get along”? Will Raymond ever learn that the Golf Club isn’t the centre of the universe? Will Mario and Ryan eventually get their band together?  Plenty of material to sustain the Huntsford community for many years to come.