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Alex Parnell

Alex Parnell

Alex joined HCR104FM in March 2016 as a volunteer. Having recently moved to the area, HCR104FM appealed to him as a volunteering option that allowed him to get to grips with the radio industry and explore what makes a successful station tick. Alex works full time in his day job for a company that supports the long term unemployed back into work and prior to this worked for a successful travel company.

Alex can be heard as part of the County Matters team every Sunday from 10am. He also covers Over to You on Wednesday nights from 7pm and shares the Sunday Breakfast show with Kit Chapman. He’s also been known to cover the odd Drive Time as well.

Alex is involved with the Fundraising for the station as part of the Senior Management team. He spends a lot of time looking through various grant proposals and has so far managed to secure a fair amount of funding for the long term sustainability of the station.

When not on the air, Alex is also a co-host on The Fencast, which is a podcast that focuses on the history and folklore of The Fens. He lives with his partner Hannah and their two children Poppy and Tom and they are currently expecting another baby. He’ll be juggling his presenting and his day job with looking after a new born baby. Sleep is overrated anyway isn’t it?