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Cory Blose

Alice CooperJoin Cory on Rock into the Weekend, every Friday at 10pm, for two hours of the best gut busting, brain meltingly good music from the worlds of Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk and Alternative music.

Alongside your favourite tracks, each week Cory brings the best new tracks from across the world plus something a little different with his weekly features “Off the Wall” and “The Hero Track”.

Cory also has regular interviews with some the biggest bands out there. With past interviews including:

Alice Cooper

Jimmy Page

Gene Simmons

Lemmy Kilmister

Brian May

Ozzy Osbourne; and more.

Turn on, Tune in, Rock out!

What are your favourite hobbies?
Music, it is all about music. I listen to a lot of records at home and still have a pretty large vinyl collection; a ton of CD’s and even some 8 tracks. I am usually doing some combination of listening to, talking about or reading about music. I also like to go to the cinema at least once a week and try to get out on my motorcycle as much as possible and when the weather is right I love nothing more than standing in front of my smoker cooking a pork shoulder for some friends.

Favourite places?
New Orleans has to be my favourite city in the world. A truly laid back place where everyone is obsessed with music; and the food and culture are second to none. This is closely followed by London and Cornwall will always hold a special place in my heart too.

Favourite food?
A good Lasagne or Pie will never be turned away by me but proper slow smoked Barbecue really does win hands down that or some Cajun/Creole food.

What would be a nightmare day?
A day stuck in doors in the rain without access to any music.

What 3 words best sum you up?
Music, Barbecue, Stubborn.

What makes you laugh?
I can laugh at just about anything really but I have an evil sense of humour so a real life story about something stupid one of my mates has done will probably make me laugh the most, especially if it involves my mate Martin who always has something particularly daft happen to him (usually his own fault).

What is in your CD player at home at the moment?
Humble Pie’s live album, Performance is on my turntable at the moment but the latest Clutch album Earth Rocker is in the CD player in my car.

Did you grow up locally?
I was born in America but my dad got stationed at RAF Alconbury when I was about 2 years old and apart from time spent at university in Lancaster, I have lived in Huntingdon ever since.

What do you love most about Huntingdonshire?
The open spaces and the people. All my friends live here and I have known the majority of my close friends since I was 4 years old. There is little better than a Bank Holiday Monday spent at Hinchingbrooke Park with my friends and some barbecue.

What advice would you give to anyone?
There are two sayings I like to live by. The first, in the words of Fleetwood Mac, is: “Go your own way”. Always do what is right for you not for anyone else. The second is a saying made famous by the late Dimebag Daryl from the band Pantera: “Keep on keeping on”.

Whatever life throws at you, don’t give up and just keep going. All will come right in the end.