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Nicola Rule

Nicola-Rule2Nicola is Huntingdonshire born and bred and has lived here all of her life along with husband Barry, daughters Siobhan and Rhiannon and a variety of animals.

Having spent the past 30 plus years working in the lettings industry, in 2007 Nicola took a welcome break to concentrate in flats/estate management and “interesting projects”.

The interesting projects include the family’s several horses and moving piles of dropping as a weight loss exercise (which wasn’t very successful), wondering how to raise awareness of Narcolepsy and how to stop employers “panicking”, cooking nice food,(see one above – these things do not go well together), and maybe one day helping Barry to restore 2 1960’s Sunbeam Alpines, a Villiers motorbike and an old “Noddy Bike” (Velocette LE – which saw duty with the Metropolitan Police Force).


Food – Lots but cheese must be somewhere close to the top.

Music – Queen, Young Cliff and all sorts of weirdly named 60’s bands, Jerry Lee and a bit of this and that – eclectic

Radio programme – Radio 4 or an old CD turned up high


Political correctness gone mad –  the loss of freedom of speech – we should all be allowed to voice our opinions (I shall have to be careful on air!)