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Olivia Tasker

Olivia joined HCR in March 2019 to pursue her love of radio. Due to her particular interest in discussion, she started as a produceron Over To You.

Quickly moving to presenting, Olivia now hosts her own OTY on Tuesday nights and is also managing the relaunch of the station’s female-based show – 21st Century Women.

Aside from radio, Olivia runs an online personal fashion styling business; a service to help people look their very best. She has an interest in biology, having studied it at University in London and in her spare time she plays the violin, swims and loves being creative in any way she can. She enjoys being outdoors, notably; walking, cycling, horses riding and sunbathing.

Olivia has an enthusiasm for life that means she is always willing to try new things. She enjoys learning and listening to just about anything and loves to embrace every minute life has to offer.