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Rick Player

Rick Player 2Rick Player (yes, it is his real name!) joined HCR104fm back in February 2016 and now presents Family Favourites, our two hour request and dedication show aired each Sunday afternoon from 12 noon to 2pm. Rick is a local lad having grown up in Stamford where after building his first disco decks and lighting equipment he started doing mobile discos at the tender age of 14.  His first attempt resulted in blowing all the fuses in his parents’ house, the second attempt, power to the whole neighbourhood!  It gave him his ‘15 minutes of fame’, but for all the wrong reasons!

Undeterred, he went on to be a guest DJ at the then infamous Annabel’s night club in Peterborough and part time late night presenter on Hereward Radio (now Heart).  He has since presented both radio and TV programmes in the USA while also working at his ‘day job’ as a commercial helicopter pilot and flight instructor.

During time spent flying for air ambulance operations (HEMS) he trained as a paramedic, which after returning to the UK in 1999 has been his main occupation and vocation.

“Radio is addictive, even more so when it is community focussed and not for profit.  I love the wide variety of music, the passion and support of our listeners and all the volunteers at the station, who have all been so welcoming and friendly.  HCR is truly a station for everyone, so I would encourage anyone of any age with an interest in radio and their community to get involved”

What are your favourite hobbies?
Music, gardening, cooking and metal detecting for buried treasure with the grandkids.

Favourite places?
South of France. Fantastic wine, great people and conversation, nicer weather than here, well usually!

Favourite food?
Roast dinner, predictable I know!  Oh, and fondue! (Very 1970/80’s but making a comeback I believe).

What would be a nightmare day?
Even thinking about that will give me nightmares, but like most people I have had a few in my time!

What three words best sum you up?
Fun, caring, but somewhat eccentric.

What makes you laugh?
All sorts really, but especially people with a quick wit who can respond instantly with the perfect reply we all wish afterwards we had thought of!  For example, Lady Astor to Winston Churchill…  “Mr Churchill, if I were your wife I would poison your coffee!”  Churchill:  “Madam, if I were your husband I would drink it!”

What is in your CD player at home at the moment?
Best of Bread, “Guitar Man” “Everything I Own” “Make it with you” “Dismal day” AMAZING STUFF!!

Did you grow up locally?
Stamford born and bred, 12 years in USA, then Huntingdon in 2001 and Godmanchester since 2004.

What do you love most about Huntingdonshire?
The people, the villages, the pubs, the scenery. We have an honesty box for our chicken eggs and folks always seem to pay, return the egg boxes, and even leave thank you notes. Wow, what’s not to like?

What advice would you give to anyone?
Live life to the full and rejoice in every day you have, even though life is hard at times and things can get too much.  Being a paramedic has helped me see that when I am ‘down’ what I may think is a bad day/week/month or even year, is nothing compared with what other people are facing with a courage, dignity and determination that I can only aspire to. There really is always someone, somewhere, worse off.