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Tara Daynes

An HR and employment law consultant by profession, Tara is no stranger to the media, with numerous press, radio and TV interviews as an HR expert. Her appearances also include working as a TV and film extra, talking on various documentaries, news and other programmes about her life and work, a slightly embarrassing ‘child star’ claim to fame and some reality TV!

Tara has also spent over 20 years presenting and speaking at business seminars and delivering training workshops.

She lives in St Neots with her 3 cats and is passionate about world travel, the environment and volunteering in her local community, working in a charity shop, a school and with the elderly as well as joining HCR104fm in June 2018. She is a regular Sunday Supplement producer/presenter team from 3pm-5pm every Sunday, covers various shows for regular presenters and is also Senior Producer for the ‘Over To You’ programme each weekday evening at 7pm.