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Student Zone is a show run by students for students! Join us every Sunday 5-7pm for a bundle of laughs, great games and our favourite music. Each week we take it in turns to present the show and all chip in for segments such as Room 104 (where we discuss we dislike), entertainment news (whereby we discuss new and sometimes controversial things in the entertainment industry) and each week we reveal the UK No.1 chart.



I joined the team in July 2017 to learn how a radio station runs and to develop skills at presenting/producing. My favourite memory was getting the run the OB van with Connor at Live in the Park. My interests outside radio are playing trombone and art. I want to study the trombone at a conservatoire to become a professional performer.



I joined HCR104fm 2 years ago, firstly as work experience then I joined Student Zone. I can’t pick one favourite memory because there’s so many! Outside of radio I like to play my guitar, write movies or just chill. In future I want to be a radio presenter or film director and I’m hoping to do a media apprenticeship after college.



I joined the student zone In January 2016 to try something completely different that gave me a sense of accomplishment, we have such a great time, I can’t pick one favourite memory. My main role is producing with Matt but I also like to dabble in presenting. Outside of radio I’m an avid dinghy sailor and also play the tenor horn. I want to be an engineer in future (not sure what kind yet).



I joined the team in Year 11 in gain experience in editing and radio. My favourite memory is my first show. My main role is to produce the show. Outside radio I like music production, playing the clarinet, guitar, piano, and sports such as football and tennis



I joined in July 2016 to get more experience in media and to meet new people.
To have more experience in media and to meet new people. I love to read outside of radio and want to be a TV presenter, I also want to study media at Uni.



I joined Student Zone about a year ago. I wanted to join Radio 1 but my mum said to try something more realistic so here I am. My favourite memory was Annie (former student) singing on her last show. Outside of radio, I love to run and hang out with friends. In future, I want to go to University and get an education degree, eventually I would love to teach.



I joined HCR104fm 2 years ago because I love media and wanted first hand experience of what a radio is like. My favourite thing is all the laughs with have an how close we all are as friends. In my free time, I like to play with my dog, see my friends or take pictures. I hope to study media production at University and eventually work in the media industry.