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Libraries to the Rescue 

18th April 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Cambridgeshire libraries are coming to the rescue of carers with small children during this lockdown time.  Go on line to Cambridgeshire libraries every Monday from […]

Are you anxious or worried?

18th April 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Lifeline is a Free Mental health helpline in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Lifeline offer confidential and anonymous listening support and information for anyone who may be […]

A Heart Warming Story

15th April 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Here’s a heart warming story from Nottingham where nurse Karen Udtohan, who works on the COVID-19 admissions ward at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, discovered that […]

Government Q&A

11th April 2020 Alex Stevens 0
Which are the shops selling essential goods that can remain open? The list is longer than you might expect. Supermarkets, of course, will remain open, […]