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How to arrange your own home casino night with friends

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In and around Huntingdon and through Cambridgeshire, there’s no shortage of leisure and entertainment distractions, including bars, restaurants, cinemas and casinos. We would certainly endorse getting out and supporting the local economy wherever possible, but sometimes there’s nothing better than a great night in.

A night in can include a range of activities, including a home-cooked meal or restaurant takeaway, drinks, and often music and a few games. Getting together with friends and family in this way can be a great money saver and let you take full control of how you enjoy your night.

For bigger parties, hosts often propose a theme, which can sometimes include fancy dress or a particular type of food. This can help break the ice when you have guests in attendance who don’t one another that well. One theme you may explore is casino gaming – tuxedos and all. In this article, we will help you plan your event, whether you’re a high-roller or a total novice.

Why casino?

One of the best things about casino gaming is the range of games available. You can purchase your own roulette wheel relatively cheaply online, while games like poker and blackjack simply require a deck of cards and gambling chips. There are also a range of games available online that you can cast to the big screen so all your guest can enjoy the action. For example, Paddy Power’s Jackpot King selection of games offers cash prizes on a range of slots, including movie-themed titles like Naked Gun.

The broader casino theme lends itself perfectly to a party with friends and oozes sophistication, plus it’s a great excuse to get dressed up. The classic look for guys is generally modelled on the outfits worn by James Bond as he settles in for a game of baccarat, but the casino isn’t just a man’s game and female guests may draw their own fashion inspiration from classic films.

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Which games should you play?

It’s important to consider your guests when thinking of which games to play. All of the major games are easy to learn, but high-intensity rounds of poker may not be appropriate for guests who haven’t played before.

Games like roulette are perfect for new players as the rules are very simple and you don’t need to make big bets to be a part of the fun. Every player can enjoy making a single bet on a particular number, without a big investment or much prior knowledge.

Blackjack is also easy to pick up and offers no shortage of tension, especially if you can pit two friends against one another as dealer and player. Throughout everything, try to keep the maximum stake low – or even consider just playing for charity.

You may also choose to go high-tech and play games online. With a Chromecast, Fire Stick or Smart TV it’s possible to beam the action to the biggest screen in the house so that all of your guests are engaged in the action. This is also a great solution if you are entertaining guests remotely, as they can participate using apps like Zoom.

Source: Pexels

We hope this guide to hosting your own home casino night has proved useful. Combined with some food, drinks, music and a snappy dress code, a casino-themed party in your own home can be a smash hit with friends and family.