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Bacon wrapped potato bites

8th March 2021 Bobby Jones 0
These bacon-wrapped potato bites are the perfect party appetiser! Sweet and fluffy baby potatoes wrapped with cheddar cheese and thin slices of bacon. Crunchy outside and creamy inside. Perfect for every occasion, from a birthday party to […]

Greek Salad

17th February 2021 Bobby Jones 0
The greek salad is a fresh and very summery dish. I changed a little the original recipe adding some chickpeas, marinated courgettes, for a bit of freshness, and crunchy walnuts. […]

Almond Cake

5th February 2021 Bobby Jones 0
The almond cake is easy and quick to prepare. It’s fluffy and moist thanks to the ground almond that gives it also a delicate nutty aroma. Perfect to enjoy […]

Stuffed Peppers

1st February 2021 Bobby Jones 0
The stuffed peppers are tasty and very easy to prepare. Served with basmati rice they are a nourishing and complete main dish. STUFFED PEPPERS Prep Time:30 […]

Croque Monsieur

29th January 2021 Bobby Jones 0
Serves 2 10 Minutes Preparation Time 15 Minutes Cooking Time INGREDIENTS 200ml Milk 2 Cloves Garlic (Chopped) 2 Shallots (Sliced) 2tbs Flour 2tbs Butter 2tsp […]


22nd January 2021 Bobby Jones 0
Prep Time:30 minutes Cook Time:18/20minutes Servings:4 people INGREDIENTS Carnaroli rice: 350grams vegetable stock: 1/1,5litre ground saffron: 2sachet white winedry : 1/2 glass onionfinely chopped: 1 unsalted butter: 120grams Grana Padano cheesefreshly grated saffron […]

Christmas Turkey Breast

18th December 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Christmas turkey breast is perfect for feeding a smaller amount of people at Christmas. Ingredients 1 single or double turkey breast (skin on) 200g Butter […]

Christmas Sprouts

14th December 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Christmas Brussel Sprouts INGREDIENTS 1 pack smoked streaky bacon chopped into strips 3 sprigs thyme 2 cloves garlic minced 1 knob butter Now for the […]

Cranberry Sauce

11th December 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Very naughty cranberry sauce Ingredients: 400g fresh cranberries 200g sugar 1 tbsp vodka 1/2 tsp sea salt 100ml orange juice Zest and juice of 1 […]

Harissa Veggie Wrap

4th December 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Harissa Veggie Wrap Sometimes, lunch should be quick, satisfying but still filled with flavour. This wrap is perfect and it's incidentally vegan. I N G […]

Chickpea Coconut Curry

30th November 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Chickpea Coconut Curry Healthy, filling and cheap! INGREDIENTS 1 Onion (Sliced) 3 Cloves Garlic 5cm Cube Ginger 2tsp Garam Masala 1/2tsp Turmeric 1 Can Chickpeas […]

Sticky Chilli Beef

27th November 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Sticky sweet chilli beef served with a refreshing pickled cucumber. Serves 2 15 Minutes Preparation 15 Minutes Cooking I N G R E D I […]

Tomato & Hummus Toast

23rd November 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Toast is the ultimate food right? Peckish, eat toast. Late at night, eat toast. Hungover, eat toast. Can’t be bothered to cook. TOAST! This toast […]

Oat & Coconut Chip Cookies

20th November 2020 Bobby Jones 0
The Oat and coconut chocolate chip cookies are a great alternative to the regular chocolate chip cookies.  The oat flour and the rolled oats give these cookies a nice texture […]

Homemade Fish Finger sandwich

13th November 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Fish Finger Sandwich Prep Time:1 hour Cook Time:10-15 minutes Servings:2 sandwiches INGREDIENTS FISH FINGERS thick white fish filets, skinless : 500grams breadcrumbs: 100grams eggs, beaten: 2 plain flour: 5tbsp sunflower […]

Soft White Rolls

28th October 2020 Bobby Jones 0
A recipe for Soft white rolls, they are delicious served warm with melting butter. Ingredients 500g strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting/kneading 1 […]

Lamb Ragu

23rd October 2020 Bobby Jones 0
A recipe for Lamb Ragu this is a rich comforting dish that can be served with any kind of pasta. Ingredients 500 g lamb mince […]

Chicken Korma

21st October 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Chicken Korma is a delicious mild curry best served with rice.  Ingredients 4 Chicken breasts chopped up 2 tbs Greek yogurt 2 small onions chopped […]

Chicken Fricassee

16th October 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Chicken Fricassee with charred cabbage This is a wonderful heart warming chicken dish that will serve 2 people  Ingredients 2 Chicken Supremes or chicken breasts […]

Braised Beef Ribs

24th September 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Braised Beef Ribs  Ingredients 3 Beef Ribs Sprinkle of sea salt Sprinkle of Traeger rub or any meat rub 1 bulb of garlic 2 onions […]

Apple Pie

18th September 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Apple pie with a lemon butter pastry Ingredients For the filling 6 Cooking Apples 1 tsp cinnamon 3 tbs golden caster sugar 2 tbs cornflour […]

Mushroom Risotto

7th September 2020 Bobby Jones 0
The mushroom risotto is very autumnal comfort food.   MUSHROOM RISOTTO Prep Time:  60 minutes Cook Time:16-20 minutes Servings:4 people INGREDIENTS FOR THE RISOTTO rice(arborio, risotto rice): 350grams […]

Vegetable Tagine

4th September 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Vegetable Tagine A super yummy Moroccan inspired stew that takes only 35 minutes to make! INGREDIENTS 1 Red Onion 2 Carrots 1 Courgette 1 Red […]

Pea & Ham Soup

28th August 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Pea & Ham Soup An easy-peasy supper or lunch!  AND its dairyfree Serves 6/8 Ready in 20 minutes    super easy peasy (excuse the pun) […]

Avocado Salsa

24th August 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Avocado Salsa This is a beautiful fresh side for a lovely summer meal. Ingredients 2 avocados 1 punnet of Cherry tomatoes 2 cloves of garlic […]

Tea Infused Cupcakes

21st August 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Tea Infused Cupcakes These tea infused cupcakes are perfect for every occasion. They are great with different teas: you can use flavoured black tea or earl grey […]

Pizza Bread

19th August 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Pizza Bread Leftover sourdough going a little stale? Top it with delicious pizza toppings and stick it under the grill for a quick pizza meal. […]

Tahini Chocolate Chunks Cookies

14th August 2020 Bobby Jones 0
These tahini chocolate chunks cookies are scrumptious andthe sesame gives them a divine aroma. Prep Time:15 minutes Cook Time:12-15 minutes Passive Time:4 hours Servings:18-20 cookies INGREDIENTS […]


12th August 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Bruschetta The sun is shining and we are thinking a summer salad feels and dreaming of an Italian cobbled street devouring delicious Italian. The easiest […]

Chicken Kiev

7th August 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Chicken Kiev – serves 2 Ingredients 2 Chicken breasts 125g Butter 3 cloves of garlic minced ½ tsp dried oregano ½ tsp mixed herbs 1 […]

Butter Biscuits

5th August 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Butter Biscuits Ingredients 100g butter, softened 50g caster sugar 150g self-raising flour Now for the method Put butter and sugar in a good processor and […]

Pork Tenderloin

3rd August 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Recipe for Pork tenderloin with honey, mustard garlic sauce Ingredients 1 Pork tenderloin 1 tbsp olive oil 3 cloves minced garlic ½ tsp smoked paprika […]

Caprese Salad Sourdough

20th July 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Caprese Salad Sourdough Fresh, quick and always deliciously filling, caprese salad on sourdough Ingredients Salad Leaves 2 Slices Sourdough 1 Ball Mozzarella 6 Heritage Tomatoes […]

Chocolate Brownies

14th July 2020 Bobby Jones 0
These are the best brownies you’ll ever eat. Ingredients 280g dark chocolate at least 70% 110g plain flour 4 Tbs bee bros cherry coco honey […]


13th July 2020 Bobby Jones 0
“Blondies” These are a very moreish alternative to brownies , perfect with your afternoon tea or coffee. Ingredients 225g butter melted 250g brown sugar 2 large eggs […]

Korean Fried Chicken

7th July 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Korean fried chicken is one of the trendy food items right now in Canada. This recipe serves 4 people,  Ingredients  4 boneless, skinless chicken thighs, […]

Breakfast Bap

29th June 2020 Bobby Jones 0
This breakfast bap is a sure to set you up for the day. Serves 4 Ingredients 8 Cumberland Sausages 4 Portobello mushrooms 4 duck eggs […]

Summer Orzo Salad 

25th June 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Summer Orzo Salad  Ingredients: Serves 2 Handful of Vine Tomatoes (I would use around 10 small ones or 5 big ones) Half a cucumber Drizzle […]

Summer Salmon Pasta

25th May 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Summer Salmon Pasta Serves 2. 1x Courgette 200g Creme Fraiche 2x Salmon fillets 150g Pasta 50g Frozen peas 2tbsp Pesto (feel free to change amount […]

Orange Loaf

22nd May 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Orange Loaf Ingredients: Loaf: 3 large eggs 170g self raising flour 170g caster sugar 6oz 170g unsalted butter (room temp) Zest of 1 Large Orange […]

Cheats Chocolate Cake

20th May 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Cheats Chocolate Cake  This chocolate cake is so easy, you can’t go wrong. Also you won’t need any eggs for this one, making it ‘lockdown’ […]

Soft Oat Cookies 

12th May 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Soft Oat Cookies These cookies are so yummy, they are soft chewy and almost like little flapjacks. I can’t help but eat them warm fresh […]

Fruity Cous Cous

6th May 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Fruity Cous Cous Ingredients: Cous Cous 1 Apple 1/2 Red Onion Tomatoes (Ideally cherry or plum but any you can get your hands on will […]

Easy Peasy Flat Breads

4th May 2020 Bobby Jones 0
Easy Peasy Flat Breads Ingredients: Makes x2 Tablespoon of Olive Oil 4 tablespoons of Natural Yoghurt Pinch of Salt 100g Flour Tip:   I’ve tested this […]