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21st Century Women

September’s 21st Century Women went out on 12th September between 7 and 8pm.

New to the desk but not the team was Liz Kelly. Tina Yates, new to the team, joined Liz and was happy to introduce our interviews this month.

In this edition of 21st Century Women we heard about:

  • Beauty Queen Amanda Norton and why size doesn’t matter.
  • Going off to Uni – HCR104fm students Emily Jarvis (Studentzone) and Annie Smith (Studentzone and Spotlight) give us their thoughts on getting ready for university – what to think about, how they feel and how they found about about what life at uni might be like.
  • New business set up have it in the bag – Claire & Anna at No 88 whose shopping bag ideas keep it local and also help support local food banks.

Check out the interviews below.

Annie Smith with Bill Hensley
Emily Jarvis with Bill Hensley


Amanda Norton as Catwalk Queen

Also, check out the fabulous photos taken at the Hilton Flower Festival recently. We’re not saying that it’s just the efforts of women of course but there’s definitely something of a feminine touch there! Well done those flower arrangers/flower festival organisers.

We are always looking to talk with anyone with anything interesting to say about issues of particular relevance to women. Please email us: