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Christmas at Food bank

Credit: GMC foodbank

Christmas at Food bank

This year the UK’s food banks need your help more than ever.  Co-Vid19 has resulted in a dramatic rise in people needing to use food banks.  This has meant a huge increase in the need for food supplies and other household items to families and individuals in all parts of the country.

Nowhere, more so than in our own region.  The Godmanchester foodbank which serves all of Huntingdonshire have seen a sharp rise in the demand from people needing help.

Here is a typical story of one mum who needed help and went along to her local foodbank, this account was recorded in the Tesco Magazine for November 2020:-


Last Christmas, Tracey, from London, had just £32 a week for gas, electricity and food for her family when her rent more than tripled and her Universal Credit was delayed.

“I turned to my local foodbank out of desperation” says Tracey, “walking into the centre, I felt poor and ashamed, but I was shocked by how nice everyone was – they spoke to me like a real person.  They gave the kids colouring books and they gave me hope.  I saw lots of families with nothing, and elderly people who couldn’t afford to put the heating on.  Without food banks there would be more suffering.  People wouldn’t survive.”

Next week the foodbank will be making up over 150 parcels of food and Christmas goodies for local families and individuals.  Normally the Godmanchester foodbank appeals to the community for them to come and make up the parcels, but due to Co-Vid19 the restrictions have changed everything.  The assembled food parcels will be distributed by volunteer drivers working under the social distancing guidelines.

Without the generosity of our local community this amount of support would not be possible for those in need.   Thank you to everyone who has put items in their local supermarket foodbank boxes and have made financial donations.  It’s during these hard times that it brings out the best in a community, as they say, we are all in it together.

Our cover picture shows a donation from the Spaldwick village to the Godmanchester foodbank which they delivered on Saturday 13th December.