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County Matters

HCR104fm’s weekly current affairs programme is County Matters, broadcast at 10am every Sunday.

Bill Hensley, and his regular panel Peter Cleghorn, Mike Haines and Colm O’Rourke, explore the week’s news stories on local, national and international levels – and they’ve been known to report from the galaxies from time to time!

Regular features include a round-up of the Sunday morning newspaper headlines, a look back at the week’s local news stories, and some of the major developments in the world of science and technology.

The team loves to hear from listeners, with some even becoming regular correspondents! Calls, texts and e-mails are welcome – you can add your tuppence worth on what’s being talked about on-air, or if you’re brave enough, you can suggest an issue for discussion.

Tune in to County Matters on Sunday mornings at 10am on HCR104fm.