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Cromwell Museum enjoys record-breaking year.

Photo credit: Hunts Post

The Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon is home to the world’s best collection of artefacts relating to one of British history’s most significant and controversial figures, Oliver Cromwell. The museum, which brings to life for visitors Cromwell’s story and that of the Civil Wars against which he lived, has just enjoyed its highest visitor numbers in 25 years.

During the 2023-4 financial year the Cromwell Museum welcomed 13,261 visitors, 23% more than the previous year, its busiest year since 1999. This is against the 11% decline in visitor number reported recently by many visitor attractions nationally, as compared to pre-pandemic levels. *

The museum, housed in Huntingdon’s oldest building, where Oliver Cromwell went to school, holds the best collection of objects relating to his life and times in the world. The collection comprises nearly 1,000 items, including portraits, clothing, miniatures, arms and armour, historical documents written by or about Cromwell. The museum is operated by an independent charity, the Cromwell Museum Trust.

Stuart Orme, Curator of the Cromwell Museum says “We’ve had a great year with events, exhibitions and our recent refurbishment attracting more people than ever to come to see us. There’s also been an increased awareness and interest in this fascinating period of history, which for the first time raised questions about freedom, democracy, monarchy, religious toleration, freedom of the press, the role of women, relations with Ireland, Europe, and Empire… all things we are still wrestling with today. As such, our visitors are finding the 1600s more relevant than ever!”

Camilla Nicol, Chair of Trustees for the Cromwell Museum Trust adds: “These figures are tremendous news for the museum and for Huntingdon. It was only a few years ago that the museum was at threat of being mothballed, but under the Cromwell Museum Trust we have shown how valued it is. It is testament to the dedication, professionalism and welcoming nature of our staff team and incredible volunteers that the museum is a real draw to our town. If you haven’t yet visited, it’s maybe time you did!”

The museum hopes to go on from strength to strength, with plans for potential expansion. In the coming months is will have a series of events, lectures, tours, and a new exhibit looking at Huntingdon’s role in Cromwell’s life, 425 years on from his birth in the town. For more details on the museum’s upcoming programmes visit www.cromwellmuseum.org.

Source:  Press Release from the Cromwell Museum dated 15th April 2024