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Don’t Be Alone

Don’t Be Alone

Since February we, as a nation, have embarked upon very strange times while battling against the unseen enemy of Co-Vid 19.  At this point more than 43,000 people have lost their lives in the UK since the start of pandemic reaching our shores.  That’s more than the total number of British forces personnel killed during the Second World War.

The Hunts Post is currently running a “We Need to Talk”….. grief campaign. Their reporter, spoke to Cruse Bereavement Volunteer Anne Aldred, from the Huntingdonshire Branch about the process of grief.

Anne and her colleagues have been at the end of the phone ready to listen to bereaved people.  Lockdown and restrictions on numbers of people gathering together have made the process of saying goodbye even harder.   Patients who are ill in hospital are not allowed visitors at this time and even up to the end its not always possible for loved ones to be at the bedside of the dying.

As Anne explained to the Hunts Post reporter in her interview: “Talking to people is critical – keeping it to yourself is not helpful, if you have someone outside the situation too then talk to them.”

Although Anne can listen and relate to others with her own life experiences; she said that grief must be a path that people journey through in their own way.

“You walk alongside that person and walk in their shoes, but you’re never in the black hole of grief with them,” she said.

She added: “A lot of people are not ok, and when you give them the time and listen to them then it is really important in helping them understand and process their own grieve.

Anne was keen to encourage people to use the local help line – 07902 662 492 – which is always available to those who wish to talk. Mental health is an issue which has come forward in this time and it helps to share the feelings of grief with someone who understands the sadness and loneliness of loss.

Cruse offers a service which is free, confidential and are provided by a network of trained volunteers.  They offer support regardless of the time that has lapsed since the bereavement and is offered to everyone whatever their culture, race, religious persuasion or sexual orientation.

For more information go to the Huntingdonshire branch of Cruse website on  https://www.cruse.org.uk/get-help/local-services/eastern-england/huntingdonshire


With thanks to the Hunts Post.