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Laptops to hospital staff for homeschooling

A local Helpston man has put his 32 years of IT experience to good use by helping hospital staff in need, by providing their children with laptops.

When Prem Gyani, a local business man, had to put hold and scalel down his business due to the pandemic, Prem decided to use his previous experience in IT to help.

He put out a public appeal for people to donate their unused old laptops to him, so that he could then upgrade them and make them available as Chromebooks for children. So far Prem has donated over 240 laptops to people in need in the local Cambridgeshire area, using his Tuk Tuk called Tara for deliveries, but he has received over 800 requests for help.

He said: “So many families have been put into a position where they need a laptop or more than one laptop to be able to home school and work from home simultaneously. Many families just don’t have the access to these facilities, while others have spare laptops gathering dust. I’m pleased I have been able to assist in some way to do my bit during this difficult time and if I can put a smile on people’s faces with my Tuk Tuk deliveries then even better.”

Some of those impacted have been staff working at Peterborough City, Stamford and Hinchingbrooke Hospital and so far Prem has donated 18 laptops to staff, which has been hugely appreciated by staff.

Joanne Diamond is a Health Care Assistant on Holly Ward at Hinchingbrooke Hospital and has four children, including Theo aged 12. She said: “I am incredibly grateful to Prem and his team for donating this laptop to me. This has helped him, and me, greatly with his schoolwork, as he was struggling with a small old tablet previously.”

Diane White is a Health Care Assistant on the Medical Assessment Unit at Peterborough City Hospital and mum to Lennon aged 10. She said: “I am so grateful to Prem and those who have donated for being able to supply us with one of the laptops. It has made such a difference for us to be able to access everything we need, so that we can continue to maintain Lennon’s education at this difficult time.”

Source: Press Release from North West Anglia NHS Trust dated 4th March 2021