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Local care home residents reminisce

Credit: Photo by Hunters Down care home

Residents at Hunters Down have really enjoyed looking at the articles from the Hunts Post 125 Years Local Newspaper.  Pearl, Regional Lifestyle Coordinator and Well Being Lead said it has been an excellent tool to use for reminiscing with the residents as many are local.

Connie says she has always read the Hunts Post and even remembers it as a young girl.  Connie took a shine to The Houghton Water Mill Story as she remembers walking and bike riding there. She said it is a beautiful area and loved seeing the Mill in operation.

Connie also remembers vaguely about hearing a plane crashing in the Huntingdon area and when she re read the article from 1977 she said it must have been terrifying. The article reminded her a bit about the war especially when she read the sound of the plane suddenly stammered into silence.

Connie enjoyed seeing the article about Princess Di visiting Papworth Hospital, saying she was a lovely lady and did so much for the people.

Molly loves a variety of sport and when she saw the article about Joe Bugner and Harry Cooper fighting the Heavy Weight Championship of Great Britain, Europe and the Commonwealth in 1971, she said excitedly I remember seeing that fight on the TV. She was a great supporter of Joe Bugner and followed his fighting career.

Molly had a good giggle on the report about the earthquake that happened in Huntingdon on June 11th, 1931 at 1.27am. Reading the bit about ladies that were living on their own thought there was a man under the bed! The local policeman said the first he knew about it was when people approached him in the street “scantily attired”. Many informing him they were concerned their buildings would collapse. The Constable said he thought the “alarmed persons” had been suffering nightmares. In todays world with the technology everybody knows straight away what is happening, how different it was then.

Barry enjoyed reading about Oliver Cromwell as he is interested in History. He has never been to the Cromwell Museum so when we are all able to go out again, we will take Barry to the Museum as it is literally on our doorstep.

The printed off articles will certainly be used as a reminiscence tool and we hope The Hunts Post continue to publish some of their early year’s articles again.

Source:  Press Release from Hunters Down Care Home  10th February 2021