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Local electric vehicle charging points

Huntingdonshire District Council has completed the rollout of electric charging points across the district. The charging stations located in St Neots, St Ives and Huntingdon are made up of a mixture of 3kw and 7kw charging points with dedicated bay marking for each location due for completion in the next couple of weeks.

In 2020, a survey of 400 residents said that one of the main barriers to purchasing an Electric Vehicle (EV) was the availability of charging points. Since the first charging points were installed in April 2021, they have provided a total of over 1,100kWh of energy. It is estimated that an EV car travels between 2.8 and 3.5 miles on each kWh, meaning that over 3,200 miles of cleaner travel have been enabled since the electric points have been operational.

Executive Councillor for Operations and Environment, Cllr Marge Beuttell said “Huntingdonshire District Council aims to support the growth of electric vehicle infrastructure, and create sustainable, future-fit towns in the district. There are many benefits to owning an electric car, they are cleaner, greener and better for the environment. The charging points that have been installed across the district have a 100% renewable energy source, meaning fewer emissions and reduced greenhouse gasses, enabling greener travel in our car parks and across the district’s road network.”

With the installation of the charging points complete across the district, The Council will continue to evaluate the usage of them to inform future works, alongside further public consultation. The electricity will cost customers 29p per kWh, less than 10p a mile and have been installed in the following locations:

St Neots  

  • Tebbutts Road                    1x Twin 7kW Charge Point
  • Tan Yard                             1x Twin 7kW Charge Point
  • Riverside                            1x Twin 7kW Charge Point
  • Priory Lane West                1x Twin 3kW Charge Point
  • Brook Street                       1x Twin 3kW Charge Point

St Ives

  • Cattle Market                     1x Twin 7kW Charge Point
  • Darwoods Pond                 1x Twin 7kW Charge Point
  • Globe Place                       1x Twin 3kW Charge Point (Location A)


  • Princes Street                     1x Twin 3kW Charge Point
  • Multi-Storey                        4x Solo 7kW Charge Points with Array
  • Mill Common                      1x Twin 3kW Charge Point
  • Great Northern Street         1x Twin 3kW Charge Point

Source:  HDC Press Release dated 13th May 21