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National Hugs Day

Credit: designed by Peter Rogers

National Hugs Day (in some countries it is called National Hugging Day, was earlier this week on 21st January.   Hunters Down Care Home reached out on its facebook page to the community asking them to send their residents virtual hugs.

Meanwhile the staff at the home were busily encouraging the residents to make and send a “hug card” to their relatives and friends as the pandemic has made it hard for them not to see those they love in person.

The community responded with great generosity – as it always does!

The young adults of Spring Common Academy who emailed in some creatively artistic pictures for the residents to enjoy. YOPEY (Young People of the Year charity) put together a short video, especially designed for residents in all care homes, of youngsters offering virtual hugs.

These were well received.   Family and friends also responded to the appeal and many of the residents had cards to display in their rooms.

Even here at HCR104fm, or webmaster took up the challenge and emailed the home with his contribution for their day.

Good news for the home:  all of their residents were vaccinated successfully on Monday with their first dose of COVID-19 AZ Vaccine thanks to the staff at Priory Fields Surgery.