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New Godmanchester fish pass

If you’ve been out and about in #Godmanchester recently, you may have noticed some cranes and diggers around the Mill Steps area.
They’re there because we’re creating a fish pass around the Mill Steps. Fish passes help eels and fish migrate more freely up and downstream.
They work by letting fish and eels ‘climb’ barriers, providing a gentle slope with slow water that’s deep enough to allow the fish to travel. Resting pools along the way allow the fish to rest before continuing on their journey!
A few days into the start of the project, hundreds of tiny eels were found when one of the mill weir structures was drained. These baby eels were taking refuge together, waiting to navigate the structure. A short climb that will soon be much easier!
Visit the project’s pages on the HDC website if you’d like to follow our progress!  https://bit.ly/MillSteps
We’re working with, Environment Agency – Great Ouse and Fenland Fisheries Team, Highways England Highways England A428/A14 Legacy Fund, Godmanchester Town Council, Godmanchester in Bloom and Godmanchester Community Liaison Group.
Source:HDC facebook oage