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Scouts set sail for Ocean Adventure Activity Day

Despite the challenges during the pandemic scouting across Cambridgeshire is still going strong, all be it currently in the virtual world.

On the 6th February hundreds of  excited Hinchingbrooke District Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers will be navigating their way around the 5 Oceans of the world. There will be lots of fun activities, all from the comfort of their own homes in Huntingdon, St Neots and the surrounding area – and if they survive the journey then a specially designed event badge will be their “treasure” reward.

In the Atlantic Ocean they will be building aquariums (from recycled resources) and saving the planet, in the Indian Ocean they will be making bottle divers and trying to navigate the seas whilst in the Pacific Ocean they will be creating videos and making a virtual reality machine!

As if that wasn’t enough they will also enjoy time “visiting” the National Marine Aquarium (UK’s largest aquarium, run by the Ocean Conservation Trust) and be inspired by a session with Richard Pattison (who has been to Antarctica 3 times, sailing, mountaineering and led the first sledge crossing of Forbidden Plateau. He also led expeditions to Greenland and the Arctic).

Of course whilst enjoying such epic ocean adventures food is important so the Southern Ocean will see them making their own edible boats, and later in the day they will need to make a “Sea Scene” dinner as they cross the Arctic Ocean.

Aidan Joy, Hinchingbrooke Scouts District Commissioner, said “ Mental health and well-being is so important for volunteers and young people alike right now, so events like this help provide a distraction and learn new skills whilst having fun with those they can’t currently meet in person”.

Does that sound better than just sitting at home on the sofa watching TV? Then why not consider volunteering with Cambridgeshire Scouts – and see where the adventure could take you. More information, and to volunteers, visit www.cambridgeshirescout.org.uk