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The World of Willy Wonka

Credit: Photo by Hunters Down Care Home

Hunters Down Care Home in Huntingdon staff have been fully dedicated in making their residents a magical Easter display. After many discussions with the residents it was decided to turn the reception area into Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

It is spectacular as you walk towards the entrance and see the purple Wonka sign with lights through the golden Wonka name and purple balloons up the sides. It really is enchanting and makes your imagination go wild wanting to go inside to see the delights of the tale.

Once you are inside you are not disappointed not knowing where to look first as there is so much to see. Some of the wonderful displays from the story to see include

  • Charlie and his house with his four grandparents in the same bed
  • Chocolate fountain with pipes filled of the chocolate liquid running around the walls and ceiling
  • Willy Wonka and three Oompa Loompas
  • Augustus Gloop stuck in the chocolate tube
  • Violet blown up like a blueberry
  • Likable wallpaper
  • & much more

Some of the residents have enjoyed helping and amazed how it has evolved throughout the weeks. The staff are very excited to show the other residents once everything has been finished ready for the Easter Celebrations.

There are still many more surprises to come as Easter approaches. Special chocolate Wonka bars will be given out and 5 of them will have a golden ticket for special prizes. Edible chocolate fountains will be placed around with giant marshmallows to dip into the smooth velvety running chocolate.

We are very excited that the Huntingdon Mayor is going to open our factory on Friday 2nd April at 2pm.

You will be able to see a tour of Hunters Down Chocolate factory at Easter on their Facebook page

Source:  original email from Hunter Down staff.