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Tik Tok at Hunters Down

Credit: Photo Hunters Down Care Home

Residents in Hunters Down Care Home (Excelcare) in Huntingdon, have their own Tik Tok account, yes that’s right, a Tik Tok account. People would not imagine that the residents in care homes could possibly be involved in Tik Tok.

On National Best Friends Day (8th June), Kristine, Lifestyle Coordinator for Hunters Down organised another Tik Tok for some of the residents in the home.

Residents are very familiar with Tik Tok since Kristine introduced it to them.  When they see Kristine they quite often say are we going to do another Tik Tok soon.

Hunters Down residents have their own Tik Tok account where you can see many of the residents and staff enjoying this fun activity.

Daphne and Dorothy have become great friends and were very happy to have been asked if they would like to take part in a video together.

Kristine choose a popular song that she knew Daphne and Dorothy would love to do some moves to, Iko Iko by Justin Wellington.

Everyone had great fun making the Tik Tok video and were shocked when they saw after a short while how many views (292,000) and wonderful comments (953) they had received.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdyvs3C2/