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“When I saw the job I thought it was unique”

The pandemic has seen many heroes in the NHS step up to the plate and work tirelessly doing their life saving work.  But within the NHS there are many non-medical people who also work tirelessly in less glamorous jobs which keep the wheels of that great organisation turning.

Victoria talks to one of these “unsung” heroes on Monday on her Over To You programme at 7pm.  For 6 years, Vicky French, has worked as an Eye Clinic Liaison Officer in Hinchingbrooke hospital.

Vicky said “When I saw this job, I thought it was unique” so she had no hesitation in applying.   She had previously worked as a civilian with the Northamptonshire police building cases to present to the CPS for the prosecution of offenders.  Her work with the police had opened the door for Vicky to realise that she loved to help and support people, all qualities which she uses in her present liaison role.

Vicky’s job is, indeed, unique.  She is the only person who performs this role at Hinchingbrooke Hospital and not every hospital has an ECLO in their Ophthalmology department.  She provides support and information to patients, their carers and parents or carers of children with sight loss.

Sight loss, whether sudden or gradual can be frightening and confusing.  Talking to someone who is knowledgeable but not a medical professional can be very comforting and provides the patient with care which the professionals would like to offer but simply don’t have the time to do.

Find out more on Monday 12th – “Over To You” at 7pm.