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Advice On Hand Washing

Where possible it’s better to dry washed hands with kitchen paper as it’s important to dry your hands after washing them so that any leftover virus is physically removed. Using kitchen paper, or anything else disposable, is sensible as long as you make sure it goes straight in the bin afterwards.’

It’s also a good idea to wash all the groceries including cans and packets of cereal as this protects against the virus entering your home via groceries.

If you have time, you could leave non-perishable goods for up to three days before unpacking them after this it’s unlikely that any infectious virus will still be present on the packaging.  Alternatively, you can wipe items with disinfectant or alcohol, wash with soapy water, or rinse under the tap, where appropriate.

Remember this is a respiratory virus, so be careful not to get it on your hands or face.

The most important piece of advice is to wash your hands regularly, particularly before and after handling food, visiting the supermarket and taking your daily exercise — and avoid touching your face.