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Care home staff on the frontline feel “forgotten”

 Some carers feel like they have been forgotten in the fight against coronavirus.  A lack of protective equipment, frustration among staff and the feeling of being a “forgotten sector” in the fight against coronavirus are some of the fears in care homes.  Frontline staff who are looking after our elderly residents in care homes and in the community across the district during this time of crisis are facing the physical and mental toll of Covid-19.

In a special report, The Hunts Post has learned:

* Care home staff feel they are the “forgotten sector”;

* Care and dedication is “amazing” but majority are paid minimum wage;

* Masks are only for emergencies;

* Staff working with at risk residents then going home to families.

This comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock admitted last week (April 17) that more people are dying in care homes than has been officially recorded.  The Government promised that all residents and carers who needed a coronavirus test in England would be able to access one and a ‘four-point’ social care plan would be put in place to control the spread of infection.              (Source:  Hunts Post)