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Distraught local nurse hits the national news over abusive note.

Credit: Hunts Post

Bex Williams, of Godmanchester who is a nurse at Peterborough hospital, returned home after a 12 hour shift to find a note pushed through her door calling her a disgrace for going out during coronavirus lockdown.

The anonymous handwritten note said: ‘You are a disgrace and you have been reported! Stay at Home Saves Lives’.  When this story was shared on the facebook page Godmanchester Living by Bex’s mother, it attracted almost 200 messages of support for Bex and expressions of disgust against the perpetrator.  The story was picked up later by the Daily Mail On-Line.

We are not always aware of the circumstances of our neighbours and need to consider carefully before making hurtful assumptions.

Follow up piece – posted to Godmanchester Living fb page by Bex on Friday 17th April   Bex Williams

What turned out to be a pretty horrid start to the week soon changed quickly with all the love and support I have received the rest of this week from our lovely community. I have been truly overwhelmed with all the messages, posters, gifts – thank you to each and every one of you. The Thursday evening clapping last night made it all the more special and meaningful, with special thanks to John who came and clapped outside my door!!

I’m glad the governments message is getting through to people to “stay home, save lives” but I hope that my message has made people to be mindful of others circumstances and work commitments and why they are leaving the house.

Be kind. Be safe everyone.