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Don’t be ashamed to ask for help during this time

A number of local support groups have been set up to help keep the communities connected – particularly for the elderly, people with compromised immune systems (the vulnerable) and for families with very young children.

and they are on facebook and now here on our website.  These groups have been set up to emergency deliveries which may have only just become necessary or to be voice on the ‘phone to have a chat if you’re feeling down.

Huntingdon Covid-19 Mutual Aid/Huntingdonshire Community Group also have a helpline. If you need help contact: 07935 775 016 (available 10am – 4pm daily) or email Huntingdonshirecommunitygroup@gmail.com.

The Huntingdon Labour Party has volunteers who will pick up essentials, such as groceries and prescriptions, as well as having telephone befrienders on hand for a chat to support those who live alone and will struggle to get through the isolation on their own. Contact Sam on 07714 589 145

Gamlingay Coronavirus support group – Shelley on, 07305 608 590 or Lucy on 07929 453 235.

Godmanchester Community Time Bank –  Susan Simpson on 01480 417 648.

Hemingford Hub Good Neighbour Scheme – Call 07398 935 416, e-mail hemingfordhub@icloud.com

Brampton Community Support – Hollie on 07834 189 371


Call Lianne Simpson on 07769 312 711.

If you are offering any support of any kind, please get in touch with us.

Along the way, we’d love to hear stories from anyone about any kind of help they have received from the community, from good neighbours, from voluntary organisations and from young people.

Send them in the usual way – email us on studio@hcrfm.co.uk or text us on 63666  and we’ll tell everyone else.