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Egg cups fly off the shelves as the cooked breakfast makes a come back.

Egg cups are selling out in stores as Britain makes time for a cooked breakfast amid signs that the lockdown is changing the nation’s eating habits.  It seems those who would previously have grabbed a breakfast on the way to work, or skipped the meal altogether are now using the extra time to boil an egg in the morning.

John Lewis has sold out of most of its egg cups with Nicola Hattersley, their tableware buyer saying “ One of the positives from being at home is enjoying a slower lifestyle and taking more time to eat properly and make mealtimes more of an occasion.  The humble egg cup, something which many of us haven’t used since our childhood, is once again gracing tables. Hopefully we shall see a new generation bebating the best way to smash open an egg.

The retailer also reported that sales of coffee grinders and related accessories was up by 24% on last month and coffee machine sales rose 30% on last year. Juice glasses have also been selling well whereas teapot sales by 6% giving a sign that people are making time for a proper brew.

However the item most likely to be sold out in supermarkets is spaghetti hoops which has eclipsed the toilet roll according to the latest data from retail analysists                                        ( Source:  The Telegraph 29/4)