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Is the lockdown making you feel tired? Here’s why

Since lockdown began, Kameron McIntyre has been plagued with feeling exhausted and having stark, vivid dreams.

“I get this feeling that I haven’t even slept. I feel like I’ve gone through something turbulent mentally,” the 27-year-old explains.

Mr McIntyre, who lives in London but is from Ireland, has been furloughed from his job. His dreams, problems with feeling tired and uncertainty around his job are contributing to his anxiety and depression. “ I feel exhausted, literally exhausted, Mr McIntyre said and, “I’ve literally no motivation to do anything. Some of the dreams I’ve been having recently are very vivid… I had a dream all my relatives died and I think my big concern about that is that I’m stuck over here.”  He is not alone.

For the majority of Britons, day-to-day life now sees people stay at home, indoors for most if not all of the day. Having no commute to work means extra time in bed and no pubs open means there are fewer reasons to stay out late. Despite this, many people are reporting they are finding it harder to wake up in the morning, feeling fatigued during the day and when they do get to sleep at night, are experiencing strange and vivid dreams.

Professor Colin A Espie, Professor of Sleep Medicine at Oxford University, explains that the changes to our lives as a result of the lockdown measures are impacting our 24-hour sleep-wake cycles. “The professor says “We use daylight as a thing that trains our 24-hour body clock. “People are getting less daylight and not getting up as early. That loss of light and change of habit allows the body clock to drift and can lead to a sense of malaise.  “It’s important to maintain a routine and to get daylight. This means get up at your usual time, unless it was very early, getting dressed and so on.

“This helps keep the rhythm, and if you do your exercise outside, do it early in the day to make the most of the outside light early on.”

-drawn from Sky News