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It’s all in a day’s work

Credit: The Guardian Image: AP

Jenny McGee, a NHS intensive care nurse from New Zealand was praised by PM, Boris Johnson for standing by his bedside “when things could have gone either way” while he was in intensive care with coronavirus.

She said she hadn’t expected him to mention her, saying it was a “shock”.  She insisted Mr Johnson received no special treatment and “absolutely needed” to be in intensive care.  She said the PM’s praise came “totally out of the blue”, adding her first reaction was that her friends were playing a “joke” on her.

Jenny later received a message of thanks from her “hero” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.  Ms McGee said: “I think she’s amazing, she just said how proud she was of me and the country was so proud and it was so heart-warming and that’s something I will never forget.”