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Keep our keyworkers safe and watch your speed!

Although traffic on Britain’s roads has dropped by 73 per cent since the lockdown started — bringing it to levels not seen since the 1950s — police forces have recorded a rise in speeding offences. One driver in London was caught travelling at 134mph in a 40mph zone.

Key workers who travel by bicycle have warned of increasing numbers of near-misses with reckless drivers treating empty roads as a “grand-prix circuit”.   Peter Shirley, an intensive care doctor at St Bart’s Hospital in London who has commuted by bike for 15 years, said that he had had “several very scary incidents”.

Follow up piece on the above   

Cars to be banned from roads so joggers can exercise safely during lockdown

Roads in built-up areas may be converted into car-free zones to create extra space for cyclists and joggers during the lockdown. Local authorities are considering plans to close off streets to vehicles to prevent them being turned into rat runs while allowing local residents to exercise.

Councils in cities including London, Manchester and Brighton were among the first to draw up proposals to convert roads into temporary bike lanes, following similar measures imposed by other countries.  (Source – drawn from The Times)