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Keep the supply chain moving

 The government have temporarily relaxed the rules around lorry and bus drivers renewing their HGV licences.

  • temporary removal of the routine D4 medical will make it easier for bus and lorry drivers to renew their driving licence and keep 30,000 drivers on the road each month
  • as long as they are fit to drive, applicants will be able to apply for a 1-year licence without the need to provide further medical evidence
  • latest action from government will keep key supply chains flowing and ensure NHS staff can prioritise vital work on coronavirus,

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has today said on (Friday 17 April 2020) announced that it will be easier for bus and lorry drivers to renew their expiring driving licences. This latest action taken by the government and DVLA will ensure that bus and lorry drivers can continue their vital work and keep the country moving.