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National lockdown: Changes on 29 March

How the rules will change on 29 March

Some of the rules on what you can and cannot do will change on 29 March. You can read the ‘COVID-19 Response – Spring 2021’ for more information on the roadmap out of lockdown in England.

From 29 March:

  • you will be able to meet outdoors either in a group of 6 (from any number of households), or in a group of any size from up to 2 households (each household can include existing support bubbles, if eligible)
  • you will be able to take part in formally organised outdoor sports with any number of people (outdoor sports venues and facilities will be able to reopen)
  • childcare and supervised activities will be allowed outdoors for all children
  • formally organised parent and child groups will be able to take place outdoors for up to 15 attendees. Children under 5 will not be not counted in this number

From 1 April, if you have been identified as clinically extremely vulnerable you will no longer be advised to shield. However, you should continue to take extra precautions to protect yourself. It is important that you continue to keep the number of social interactions that you have low and try to limit the amount of time you spend in settings where you are unable to maintain social distancing. If you are in this group, you will previously have received a letter from the NHS or from your GP telling you this. Contact your local authority or speak to your GP if you have any concerns.

8 March: What’s changed

Some of the rules on what you can and cannot do changed on 8 March as part of the ‘COVID-19 Response – Spring 2021’.

Outdoor recreation

You can spend time in outdoor public spaces for recreation on your own, with your household or support bubble, or with one other person. This means you can sit down for a drink or picnic. You must continue to maintain social distance from those outside your household. This is in addition to outdoor exercise, which is already permitted.

Education and childcare

Pupils and students in all schools and further education settings should return to face-to-face education. Wraparound childcare can reopen and other children’s activities can restart only where it is needed to enable parents to work, seek work, attend education, seek medical care or attend a support group. Vulnerable children can attend childcare and other children’s activities in all circumstances.

Students on practical higher education courses at English universities who have not already returned and would be unable to complete their courses if they did not return to take part in practical teaching, access specialist facilities or complete assessments will be able to return to higher education.

Travel out of the UK

There will continue to be restrictions on international travel. Holidays will not be a permitted reason to travel. Those seeking to leave the UK must complete an outbound declaration of travel form ahead of departure.

Visiting a care home

The rules on visiting care homes have changed to allow regular indoor visits for a single named visitor.

National lockdown: stay at home

You should follow this guidance in full. You can be fined if you break the law.

Approximately 1 in 3 people who have coronavirus have no symptoms and could be spreading it without realising it.

You should follow the guidance on how to stop the spread of coronavirus at all times.

Update Government guidance on 22nd March 2021,  To see the complete changes click on https://www.gov.uk/guidance/national-lockdown-stay-at-home?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=govuk-notifications&utm_source=9e17a6a4-d7cb-463b-bf50-addae0c79b74&utm_content=daily