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Now we’re all working from home on an egg 

The most important meal of the day has long been an afterthought for busy Britons. Now millions in lockdown are rediscovering the lost pleasure of a leisurely breakfast, sitting down to boiled eggs in cups with soldiers and pots of leaf tea.

As Britons embrace a return to long-forgotten morning routines, sales of eggs and loose tea are soaring. The demand for a cooked breakfast has been so high that many retailers have sold out of egg cups.

John Lewis has run out of its own-brand “chick feet” cups and Mary Berry’s signature range disappeared from its website long ago. The retailer says that it has also experienced a run on teapots and Waitrose reported that leaf tea sales are up 13 per cent. Sales of coffee grinders and coffee pots are having double-digit growth.

Demand for fresh eggs has led to shortages and price rises. A quarter of egg brands at Tesco are sold out.  The discount store Lidl has been so desperate for supplies that it has had to import eggs from the Netherlands. Supermarkets have largely stocked only British eggs since the salmonella scandal in the 1980s, which led to the revival of the British Lion accreditation scheme and a de facto ban on imports.

The lockdown might also be adding to our waistlines as we turn into a nation of fridge grazers. Two in five customers surveyed by John Lewis admitted that being stuck at home meant that they were snacking more

(Source:  The Times)