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Plans for two-week quarantine for anyone entering UK considered by government

Anyone entering the UK could be forced to go into quarantine for two weeks under plans being discussed in government.

Dominic Raab, who has been standing in as prime minister for nearly three weeks while Boris Johnson recovers from coronavirus, confirmed the proposals are under consideration.  A communications campaign would also be rolled out across the world to warn passengers of what to expect when they arrive in the UK and to dissuade them from coming in the first place.

“That’s something that we will be looking at and it could include the testing for people coming in, it could include social distancing measures and we’ll make sure… that we are absolutely on top of the scientific evidence and are taking all the measures that are necessary to protect people’s health, to protect their lives but also to preserve our way of life as we go forward, economically and socially.”

Two weeks is the maximum amount of time it takes before someone infected with coronavirus can start to show symptoms.