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Postman delivers ‘somewhere in Sheffield’ parcel

A parcel addressed to “somewhere in Sheffield” was delivered to its rightful recipient after the postman turned detective.

David Easson’s friend sent him a parcel from Sweden in a package marked “vital survival stuff”. Rather than ask for the address, sender Marten Wedebrand instead wrote all he knew about Mr Easson on the package.

Postman Darrell Gilmour used the information to find him on social media and sent him a Facebook message. Mr Easson said it had been a “great bit of detective work” by Mr Gilmour.  “I got this message from Darrell Gilmour in the middle of the night on Monday,” Mr Easson explained. “At this time there’s so much pressure on them, so to find me like this, I really didn’t mind the 3.35am Facebook message. Great bit of detective work.”

The package contained six packets of Kvikk Lunsj, a chocolate bar similar to a Kit Kat.  “I had these in Norway when I was working at the Youth Olympics in 2012 and I’ve hankered after them ever since,” said Mr Easson.                                          (Source:  BBC News on line24/4)