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Snippets of Good News  (29/4 – 2/5/20)

Film loving Parisians confined to their homes, can catch a movie by simply looking out of their windows.  The team who run La Clef cinema are projecting films on the walls of a neighbouring apartment block.

Actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have launched a quarantine wine for charity.  The proceeds from the 2018 pinot noir will help support 60% of  supplying PPE to frontline workers and helping freed struggling families.

Italy recorded 420 CoVID-19 deaths on Friday, the smallest daily tally since March 19th.  The severely hit country will start to ease lockdown in the next 4 weeks.

EasyJet is offering customers with cancelled flights the chance to change their booking to any route, any time of the year.

Belgian schools and businesses are gradually to re-open from Mid-May after being in lockdown since mid-March. Brussels will relax restrictions in three phases from May 4th.

Spider Man star, Tom Holland is to host a Marvel quiz Instagram this week, asking pub-style questions about all 23 of the franchise’s films.  The event is intended as a “community building” exercise during lockdown.

A jellyfish has been spotted swimming through the canals of Venice.  The reduction in boat use and the accompanying drop  in pollution have made the famous waterways more transparent, making it easier to observe plant and marine life in the middle of town.  Last month one video that went viral showed dolphins which had purportedly ventured into the Venetian canals, although later the footage wad debunked.

(Source:  The Telegraph)