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Virus may linger for hours in an enclosed space. 

CoVID-19 can linger for hours in the air of crowded spaces and rooms, such as lavatories that lack ventilation, according to a study by scientist who recommended wearing masks in public.  While the transmission from direct human contact and through respiratory droplets such as coughing or sneezing, is clear, the potential for airborne transmission is less understood.

The WHO have said that the risk is limited to very specific circumstances, pointing to an analysis of more than 75,000 cases in China in which no transmission from breathing or talking was recorded.  However, a study carried out by scientist from Wuhan University and published yesterday (27/4) in the scientific Research Journal ‘Nature’ suggests the virus can potentially remain in the air for some time in areas with poor ventilation.

As a precaution, the research recommended, that the public should avoid crowds and should also wear masks to reduce the risk of airborne virus exposure.  (Source:  The Times 28/4)