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Watford FC lighten the load for NHS staff 

Credit: Watford FC

Watford Football club have opened their Vicarage Road doors to local health workers providing them with conference rooms, converted bedrooms, laundry services and most importantly a place where doctors and nurses can step away from the chaos of coronavirus.

More than 1,000 workers are eating at Vicarage Road each day and the club’s laundry services have cleaned 10,000 sets of scrubs. The executive boxes (including the Sir Elton John Suite) have been repurposed as meeting rooms or in this case, captain Troy Deeney’s box, into bedrooms.

“Everyone here can see what we are facing” says Scott Duxbury, Watford’s chairman and CEO.  “It’s a war, and a war we need to win. Our geographical position (next to the Watford General Hospital) helps and it’s a good feeling.  The hospital staff are laughing, enjoying themselves and having a break It’s not easy to laugh and re-energise so when you see it, you know you are helping”   (Source:  The Times 24/8)