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What can you do whilst in lockdown over the Easter Weekend

Many people will be feeling isolated during this period of social-distancing and keeping in touch is important for our mental health.

Phone a friend or an elderly neighbour who might be feeling lonely, a relative who you haven’t spoken to in a while, or even just a friend who you ordinarily would only see in the pub.

Host a virtual pub quiz on a video call, arrange with friends for a virtual pub quiz where you ask the questions over a video call. You can also text out a picture round – whether the clues are emojis, or photos house.

Learn a language, there are plenty of apps that help you learn a language for free and then spend 30 minutes a day teaching yourself how to speak French, German, Japanese or whatever language takes your fancy.

Come Dine With Me, If you live with other people, take it in turns to cook each other dinner, scoring each meal at the end.

Get up to date with your ironing You’ll thank yourself later or perhaps not.

Set up a cinema. Make an occasion of a Friday or Saturday night by transforming your living room into a cinema. Make your favourite snacks, turn off all the lights, and lose yourself in a film.

Start a virtual book club You might not be able to meet up in person, but you could organise a virtual book club with your friends. Whether you all read the same book or just share recommendations, having a regular video call will help you feel connected.

Get into a new podcast Whether you’re into true crime, comedy, showbiz news or language learning, there are literally thousands of podcasts out there.

Relax This is a stressful and worrying time for many, so don’t put any pressure on yourself to make the most of your time stuck indoors.