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Who needs face masks?

The World Health Organisation currently says that there are only 2 groups of people who need to wear protective masks, they are:-

  • Those sick and showing symptoms
  • Those caring for people suspected of having the virus

Masks are not recommended for the general public because:-

  • They can be contaminated by other people’s coughs and sneezes or when putting them on or taking them off
  • Frequent hand-washing and social distancing are more effective
  • Masks might offer a false sense of security

Coronavirus is spread by droplets that can spray into the air when those infected talk, cough and sneeze. These can enter the body through the eyes, nose and mouth, either directly or after touching a contaminated object.  However, experts at the WHO are now exploring whether the general public might benefit from wearing masks. The group will examine research on whether the virus can be projected further than previously thought.  (source BBC news online)