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Work has begun on a new coronavirus testing centre in Cambridge

 The Mick George Group is providing support for a new coronavirus testing facility in Cambridge. As part of the UK Government’s announcement of a five pillar plan to boost testing for COVID-19, AstraZeneca, GSK and the University of Cambridge have formed a joint collaboration to take action to support this national effort.

A new testing laboratory will be set up at the university’s Anne McLaren Building which will be used for screening for COVID-19 testing and to explore the use of alternative chemical reagents for test kits in order to help overcome current supply shortages.  Infrastructure works have already begun to supplement the initiative, with other businesses playing a pivotal role in facilitating the project’s commencement.

Michael George, managing director at the Mick George Group said: “We continue to pay tribute to those working on the frontlines of this pandemic, in the UK and globally. Defeating COVID-19 requires a collective effort from everyone, across multiple sectors and we are committed to playing our part.”     Source:   Extract from Hunts Post