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Colin Reeves

In the 1990’s, Colin worked as a learning assistant in an infant school where he had the desire to be a children’s author.   He signed up for a correspondence course but while one assignment wasn’t working very well  he attempted to write a story in verse.  Very unfortunately, this was not appreciated by the tutor so Colin left the course but continued to writing.  Over the years Colin had the occasional poem published in Anthologies by Poetry, now in Peterborough. In hindsight, Colin realised that his work was below average but he continued his passion for writing hoping to improve.  In 2012, following the loss of his brother, Colin became a baptised Christian and he now feels he has improved enough to share his poetry with others via Facebook and at his Church.
Encouragement from his niece has spurred him on to find an audience for his poetry and HCR are delighted he has used our platform to air his poems.