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Graham Emmett

Born in Berkshire in 1960, Graham moved up to Huntingdonshire in 1971 when his father’s workplace moved to East Anglia from Slough. Not his favourite subject at school, Graham much preferred History, Geography and Science to English and Secondary School was followed by 3 years at Huntingdonshire Regional College, before progressing to Hatfield Polytechnic. Graham then joined a small, specialised engineering company, where he still works. Despite following a scientific and technical career path, Graham could always conjure up an interesting storyline and joined the Needingworth Scribblers four years ago – after seeing how much fun his mother, Rosemary was having there. Graham plucked up his courage, took the plunge and joined the group and was soon writing his popular ‘Cat’ children‘s stories, which are now firm favourites in the Children’s Section of Writer’s Corner….and the rest, as they say, is History! Talking of History, Graham is currently writing a ‘Spy’ novel and ensuring the factual accuracy of his plots; believing that unless a plot is credible and historically accurate, it will not be a success.