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Joan Tucker

Joan is the co-founder of the Scribblers Writing Group of Needingworth, with Helen O’Mahony, eight years later, the group is still going strong and collectively the members are becoming more widely known. Joan has always loved reading and listening to stories and comes from a long line of storytellers, her mother being the best of all. Her local library was only five minutes’ walk away from where she grew up in Birkenhead (near Liverpool) and Joan permanently had her head in a book and an endless supply of reading matter. At 11 years old, a friend introduced her to Hugh Walters, a Science Fiction author, and Joan was hooked.  Joan writes stories as if she is watching a film and although she usually has a plot planned in her head, her characters tend to write their own plotlines and she lets them lead her to wherever they want to go, rather than the other way around. A Star Trek fan, Joan writes with other Star Trek fans from around the world, who have become great friends. “Writing a story is an amazing experience, which takes me on a journey; from the deepest ocean, to the farthest reaches of outer space, I am off flying my Starship. Try it!”