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  Move Closer by Phyllis Nelson

5 Farces – an adaptation from Anton Chekhov

14th May 2022 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
The Commemoration Hall
High St
£12 adults concessions £10
Huntingdon Drama Club

Huntingdon Drama Club’s first production of 2022 will be Five Farces by Anton Chekhov at The Commemoration Hall from May 12 to 14. Tickets are now on sale via Ticket Source.

The Bear
Rude and boorish landowner Smirnov calls on the recently widowed Popova to collect a debt owed to him by her late husband. When the grieving widow is unable to pay him, Smirnov simply refuses to leave – and a fiery altercation follows.

The Proposal
Lomov, a nervous hypochondriac, visits his neighbour to ask for her hand in marriage. But his romantic endeavours are scuppered when the couple find themselves in a circle of petty arguments and an unstoppable bout of one-upmanship.

The Anniversary
Important shareholders gather to celebrate the anniversary of a bank but things don’t quite go to plan as Mrs Merchutkin arrives to demand her husband’s salary…

The Night Before The Trial
A petty criminal arrives at a run down boarding house, unaware that his fellow guests may prove pivotal to his fate. Assuming the identity of a Doctor, the criminal attempts to charm his way out of a tricky situation.

Swan Song
A veteran actor wakes up in a theatre. Thinking he is alone, he laments on his career until a figure from the past emerges from the wings…